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About us

Greg Holden

I am Greg Holden and I am the owner/operator of the CKReview. I have lived in Chatham-Kent since July 2008. I chose Chatham-Kent because of the wholesome neighbourhoods. It is a great place to raise kids.

The CKReview was created to fill a void in local news when holding elected officials accountable, with an eye on promoting the many talented and skilled people in Chatham-Kent. The CKReview strives to offer hard news and insights into local events that are not otherwise heard of. Politically we speak to representatives and let them speak for themselves, allowing the reader to decide for themselves. By not endorsing any politician the CKReview remains neutral in all aspects of politics. This is an information source and is not a platform for any individual or party.



The CKReview has published many local writers and welcomes contributions from all people from Chatham-Kent, or from writers outside Chatham-Kent who have stories that interest our readers.