Mayor Canniff pleased with provincial decision to halt retroactive municipal funding cuts

Chatham-Kent Mayor Darrin Canniff today welcomed the news that the provincial government has reversed planned cuts to municipal funding.

Chatham-Kent Mayor Darrin Canniff

“We were still compiling information on the cuts but there was no doubt the cost would have been significant,” he said. “Council would have been looking at service cuts or tax increases to make up the shortfall.”

Mayor Canniff said the municipality had issues with the forced merger of the Chatham Kent Public Health Unit as well as cuts to library services, childcare, housing and conservation authorities.

The cuts were part of sweeping changes made in the provincial budget last month and were made with little or no consultation.

“We had already approved our budget and since municipalities aren’t allowed to operate with a deficit, we would have been scrambling,” he said.

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the Large Urban Mayors Caucus of Ontario had lobbied the province to engage in more consulting before any cuts.

“It would have been unfair to municipalities to simply download costs,” he said. “In the end there is only one taxpayer and passing costs to us doesn’t solve any problems. We’re not denying the province’s financial issues but we need to be consulted as partners.”

The province will not be providing additional promised gas tax funding which could cost Chatham-Kent $1 million.

“We will await word from the province on word for 2020 but at least we have time for planning,” he said.

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