Sarnia police completes investigation into cannabis edible overdose at school dance

One cannabis infused gummy bear sent three girls to the hospital last month.

Sarnia Police Service Youth Branch entered into investigation regarding four teenage girls who had overdosed on a cannabis edible product while at a local school dance on December 21st.

Police learned that these young girls, 16 and under, had shared this edible and were all experiencing effects that required medical attention.

Ultimately three of the girls were hospitalized and later released from care with no lasting problems. The fourth was taken home and monitored by her family.

It was later determined that the four girls shared a single edible gummy bear that was believed to be infused with cannabis.

Sarnia police remind the public, both young and old, that purchasing cannabis infused edibles which are illicit is not legal.

Police say the quantity of THC or other products that may be within the edible is normally unknown to the consumer and could have serious effects on individuals that may be long lasting and possibly dangerous.

Remember to speak to your children regarding this matter and reminding them to be responsible.

The young girls, along with their family, have worked with the Sarnia Police Service Youth Branch and have agreed to further work to understand the possible consequences of their actions through community programs that will assist them.

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