Ontario introducing new technology at truck inspection stations

Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek. Photo: https://www.ontario.ca

Yesterday Jeff Yurek, Minister of Transportation announced new technology at Ontario truck inspection stations that will reduce delays, promote on time delivery of goods and improve road safety. 

Government officials say pre-clearance technology quickly identifies high-risk trucks as they approach a truck inspection station and provides an alert to Ministry of Transportation enforcement officers to have the truck enter the station for a full inspection. Trucks with good safety records receive an alert to bypass the stop—saving time, money and fuel. The mobile application called Drivewyze will be delivered by Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc., a Canadian based company.

Pre-screening technology automatically screens for safety defects such as tire, wheel and brake failures and over-weight loads. It will be used on either the highway, the truck inspection station ramp or both. It will initially be available as a pilot program at four stations: Vineland, Putnam South, Whitby/Oshawa and Lancaster by summer 2019.

“With the help of pre-clearance and pre-screening technology trucks that have been pre-cleared will not have to stop at the truck inspection station. This will reduce delays, get goods to market faster and improve safety,” said Yurek. “With this new technology, we are once again demonstrating how our government is making it easier for industry across North America to do business in Ontario.”

To reduce red tape, Ontario recently proposed changes to the Highway Traffic Act to allow commercial truck drivers the option of an electronic cab card, making it easier to confirm driver credentials and reduce paperwork. 

Ontario’s Open for Business Action Plan has set a target to reduce regulatory red tape by 25 per cent to support the trucking industry—and many other business sectors – to lower the cost of doing business and help create jobs.

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