New exhibition at Thames Art Gallery

Image: Thames Art Gallery

Thames Art Gallery is presenting the new exhibition What Motivates Her? with artists Allyson Mitchell and Madelyne Beckles.

The opening reception will be held at the Thames Art Gallery on Friday, January 18th, from 7 – 10 p.m. All are welcome for this free and family friendly reception. The artists will be in attendance.

Of their work the artisits state: “We are two artists who struggle to understand how we move and groove through feminism, family, violence, bureaucracy, and the tasks of the everyday which can seem impossible, shameful and ridiculous in this political moment. Our shared fantastic empathetic intuitions are what we push and reveal in this exhibition that includes video, textile, sculpture and prints.”

Allyson Mitchell is a maximalist visual artist actively based in Toronto, currently running the F.A.G. Feminist Art Gallery alongside Deidre Logue. She predominantly works in sculpture, performance, installation and film, and strives to redefine and reclaim previous images of women, sexuality, and the body through craft-based tactics. Her work has exhibited at the Textile Museum of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Warhol Museum, Tate Modern and the British Film Institute. She is an Associate Professor in the School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at York University, Toronto.

Madelyne Beckles is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Art history, feminist texts, and/or pop culture are employed as entry points to explore the/her black body, and to create new contexts, identities, and environments. Recurring themes include narcissism, self-deprecation, consumption, consumerism, sexuality, shame, labour, camp, and the abject, which she attempts to de-construct through feminist critical race frameworks. The intentions of her work are to challenge and mock traditional notions of femininity, which are often made with household items, including her phone and webcam, as well as her own body. 

The Thames Art Gallery is located at the Chatham Cultural Centre, 75 William St. N. Chatham. The gallery is open Wednesday to Friday from 1-7 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m. For more information visit

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