Lord Selkirk Bridge to be closed starting February 4th

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has now secured a contractor for the rehabilitation of the Lord Selkirk Bridge in Wallaceburg.

Complete closure of the bridge will commence February 4th with an anticipated completion date of August 2019. The bridge will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic for the duration of the project.

For marine traffic, boats that require the bridge to be lifted will not be able to pass until June 2019.  One leaf of the bridge will be operational to allow marine traffic to pass from June 2019 until the completion of the project.

The Detour Routes will be as follows:
Highway #40/Heavy Traffic

Murray Street (Hwy #40) – Base Line – Old Glass Road – Mason Street – Arnold Street – Dufferin Ave

Local/Commercial Traffic

Dufferin Avenue – Wellington Street – Fork Street – Margaret Avenue – Murray Street (Hwy #40) to Reaume Avenue

There will be temporary traffic signals at the intersection of Murray Street and Reaume Avenue to accommodate increased traffic for the duration of the project.

For updates on this and all other projects within Chatham-Kent, refer to www.chatham-kent.ca/constructionprojects

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