Keep your pets safe during extreme cold weather

Animal control officials remind pet owners that cold temperatures can be very dangerous to animals. 
The forecast for today includes temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius with a windchill of -35. Temperatures like these can be very harmful to pets within minutes.

If your animal does not have proper shelter the safest place for them is inside the home. 
Proper shelter could include an insulated dog house with bedding such as straw, a heat lamp or other materials to regulate temperature. 
Animal Control has received 10 calls within the last three days about animals being left out in the cold.

Chatham-Kent’s Responsible Animal Ownership By-law states, “No person shall allow an animal to remain outdoors during extreme weather, except for brief walks or brief periods of exercise, unless the animal has access to an animal enclosure that will adequately protect the animal from the elements.” 
If you have concerns about pets being left in the outdoors call Animal Control at 226-996-9969 or Chatham-Kent Police at 519-352-1234.

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