Firefighter injured in Colborne Street fire

House fire in Chatham. Image released by CKFES.

A firefighter suffered minor injuries after a fire broke out at a Chatham home early Sunday morning.

Crews from station 1 were called to reports of a couch on fire at around 1 a.m.  Upon arrival they discovered a well developed fire consuming the front porch and the interior of the home.

Firefighters immediately entered the building to extinguish the fire and search for victims.  Soon after they had searched the house, conditions deteriorated and they were forced to exit as the fire had entered the attic and was venting through the roof with large, visible flame.

Three hand lines and a water tower were engaged to surround the fire and extinguish, large quantities of smoke and flame were present while the crews fought to bring the fire under control.  Police were able to locate the occupiers and confirm that they had left the building.

During operations, a firefighter received minor injuries and was transported to hospital by EMS who remained on scene during the fire.  After treatment he was released and sent home to recuperate.

The cause was undetermined due to the severity of the fire, but the surrounding properties which in some cases were only a few feet away were protected from the spreading fire.

Fire officials say damages have been estimated at $100,000.

“The crews arrived to find the front of the house engulfed in flames with no indication that everyone was out.  They entered the house and meticulously searched to check nobody was inside and to fight the fire.  Additional firefighters were called to assist with the operation and to keep public and responders safe. We had excellent support from our colleagues from Police who assisted us in locating the occupiers and from our EMS teams who were on scene and treated our team member who sustained slight injuries during the early, dynamic phases of the call.  Everyone worked incredibly hard in very cold and windy conditions to contain this fire and demonstrated the skills and determination we have come to expect from our crew,” said Operations Chief, Chris Case.

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