Barn fire in Blenheim

Barn fire in Blenheim. Image: CKFES.

Damages have been estimated at $50,000 after a fire broke out at a barn in Blenheim early Sunday.

Station 18, Blenheim and Station 11, Ridgetown responded to 10362 Front Line for a barn on fire shortly after midnight.

Fire crews found the barn collapsed on the ground and fully involved in fire. Crews worked quickly to protect the nearby structure from the fire and then focused on extinguishing remaining fire inside and around the foundation of the collapsed barn. The fresh snow created slippery conditions for firefighters. To reduce the risk of injury Ridgetown’s new tanker pumper equipped with its high pressure front monitor was used to safely knockdown the main body of the fire. There were no injuries and all the animals that were housed in the barn escaped the fire.

Fire officials say the cause of the fire has been deemed accidental.

Barn fire in Blenheim. Image: CKFES
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