Two collisions involving deer

Police responded to two separate incidents of collisions involving deer last night between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.  The first occurred on Charing Cross Road while the latter occurred on Longwoods Road.  The drivers were not physically injured.

The Chatham-Kent Police remind those driving between 6 and 9 at both dawn and dusk to use caution as that is when most collisions with wildlife occur.

If you’re driving during these times:

–       Watch your Speed – sometimes collisions can be avoided if you have time to slow down

–       Scan the Road – scanning ahead for animals may help you see them before they cross your path – watch for their reflective eyes and use your high beam headlights when possible

–       Slow Down don’t Swerve – if an animal is on the road, brake gently to slow down – do not swerve or make sudden movements to avoid them as it is important that your reaction to avoid wildlife does not endanger yourself or other drivers on the road.

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