Rose Beach Line remains closed due to bank failure

Rose Beach Line at South Marsh Creek remains closed. Photo released by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

As previously released, the municipality announced the immediate full road closure of Rose Beach Line at South Marsh Creek (approximately 50m east of Antrim Road) on November 5th.

Chris Thibert, Chatham-Kent Director, Engineering & Transportation says the slope/bank failure along Rose Beach Line is currently being evaluated through the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) process. This EA process, which is being led through an Engineering Consultant retained through the municipality, evaluates various options to resolve the problem of road stability due to bank failures.

A second photo released by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

As part of the EA process, the final report which identifies the preferred option will be posted online for a 30-day comment and review period starting late November/early December. Thibert says images pertaining to the slope failure will be contained within the EA document.

Once this period is over, the consultant will compile all comments and incorporate them into the final report (if/as required) which then becomes an official document with which the municipality can move forward.

Following this, the preferred option will be presented to council as a new project where council will have to financially prioritize amongst various other projects throughout the municipality.

Rose Beach Line will no longer be available as a through route between Morpeth and Rondeau. While no detour route is posted for this road closure, the alternative route is Talbot Trail and Kent Bridge Road.

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