Halloween safety tips

Image: http://ckpolice.com

Chatham-Kent police have released the following tips to ensure a fun but safe Halloween night for everyone:

Before leaving the house, parents should give their children a flashlight to carry;

Glow sticks may also be used as part of a costume to provide extra visibility;

Costumes should fit the child properly. Make sure masks do not impede visibility and that long costumes do not pose a tripping hazard;

Footwear is also crucial. It’s better to choose practical footwear that doesn’t match the costume than to wear potentially dangerous shoes that look good;

Children should always go trick-or-treating with a responsible adult;

If older children go out as a group, remind them to stay together and set a time for them to return home;

Make sure children are crossing the street safely. Cross at marked intersections and look both ways before crossing to ensure that all vehicles are obeying the traffic signals;

Ensure children are walking from house to house and not running;

Trick-or-treat at houses where you know the homeowners;

Children should not accept- and especially not eat- anything that isn’t commercially wrapped.

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