Storm knocks down power lines on Grant Street, flooding reported in Tilbury

A tree and power lines on Grant Street in Chatham took the brunt of the thunderstorm that passed through the area last night.
Image: CKReview News

The importance of heeding a tornado warning, even after being downgraded, was the focus in Chatham-Kent last night as dangerous thunderstorm roared through the area.

The storm that struck Chatham late Tuesday left a north-end neighbourhood without power after a tree was downed on Grant Street. Multiple reports of flooding have been reported in Tilbury. No injuries or damage estimates are available. Power is out in many areas in the region and service is expected to be restored by 2 a.m.

A second tree was tossed onto Grand Avenue just a short distance away from Grant Street and was cleared by CKPS officers. Crews are on the scene on Grant Street and police have blocked access from Grand Avenue to just north of Victoria Avenue.

Here are some images of the flooding in Tilbury.

Election signs in Tilbury are submerged on Tuesday night after a storm passed by. Image: Tim Natyshak


Water threatens commercial properties on Queen Street in Tilbury on September 25, 2018 following a storm. Image: Jennifer Lee Tremblay


Tilbury resident Tim Natyshak shows the water level has nearly reached his knees on September 25, 2018. Image: Tim Natyshak


The doors on this Chevy Cruze are inches away from being overcome by water on September 25, 2018 in Tilbury after a storm. Image: Tim Natyshak


Basements flooded in Tilbury, after a thunderstorm knocked out power and delivered heavy rain on September 25, 2018. Image: Andrea Lynn Photography


Young Street and Linda Court in Tilbury after a thunderstorm brought heavy rain on September 25, 2018. Image: Andrea Lynn Photography
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