Ford government wants to expand access to natural gas

 Monte McNaughton, Minister of Infrastructure. Photo:

Ontario’s government will take action to expand natural gas access to families and business throughout rural and Northern Ontario thanks to an innovative partnership with local communities and the private sector.

“We heard from people across Ontario that natural gas expansion is important in order to grow businesses, create jobs and compete,” said Premier Ford, who announced the program while attending the 2018 International Plowing Match & Rural Expo. “By cancelling the cap-and-trade carbon tax, we have already acted to bring natural gas prices down for Ontario families and businesses. Now we are taking the next step to ensure that the benefits of natural gas expansion are shared throughout the entire province.”

The government will introduce legislation to develop the new natural gas program.

If passed, the new program would encourage more private gas distributors to partner with communities to develop projects that expand access to affordable and efficient natural gas.

“Expanding natural gas will make Ontario communities more attractive for job creation and new businesses,” said Monte McNaughton, Minister of Infrastructure. “This is part of our government’s plan to bring quality jobs back to Ontario and to send the clear message that Ontario is Open for Business.”

Quick facts

  • Natural gas is the most common heating source in Ontario and is more affordable than other sources like electricity, oil or propane.
  • Switching to natural gas can save an average residential customer between $800 and $2,500 a year.
  • Currently, about 3.5 million homes and 130,000 businesses in Ontario use natural gas.
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