Evangelical sign stirs outrage

A new sign at Countryview Line and Kent Bridge Road has angered many in CK. Image: CKReview News
A rainbow flag inside St. Andrews United Church during gay pride celebrations last weekend. Image: Facebook

A sign that was recently installed at the corner of Countryview Line and Kent Bridge Road has caused outrage on social media. Supporters of gay rights, cannabis smokers and pro-choice advocates are preparing a protest at the site.

Less than a week following the first gay day parade and day-long celebration in Chatham-Kent, the sign represents a setback in acceptance. The weekend celebration included a service at St. Andrews United Church and was attended by 115 people according to the CK Gay Pride Association.

Some online comments defended the sign as free speech. Others were reluctant to share the photo for fear of spreading hate speech.

The phone number on the sign was out of service this afternoon and has since had service restored. CKReview News will update this story if the message left gets a response.

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