Column: Offensive sign thankfully removed

The sign that caused controversy in Chatham-Kent has been removed. Image: CKReview News

The sign that caused a lot of consternation in Chatham-Kent has been taken down.

Ralph Baker told CKReview News over the weekend that the owner of land the sign was on was living in fear for his and his wife’s safety. He knew his controversial sign would be greeted by opposing voices. Baker did not expect the voices on the phone to be quite so angry. “One man said he wished I was dead”, said Baker, “there was a lot of profane language.”

Baker tried to seem undisturbed by the attention, however he did underline that the majority of callers were “homosexual males”. He did not hear from pro-life, marijuana or secular school advocates. Baker was read Leviticus 20:13 and while he said it was not what spurred his sign, he said it confirmed his views. Leviticus 20:13 says homosexuals are an abomination and should “surely be put to death”. Baker disagreed, saying homosexuals should go into counselling. “One of the main people to allow it to carry on in the past was our last Premier,” said Baker, “Homosexuality has become a huge problem in Ontario and Canada.” Baker cited a 250% increase in the deaths of “homosexual males”, but was unable to provide a source. “Young people are encouraged (to be gay) by their peers or their playmates or whatever”, he said. When asked what would cause the high rate of death for gay people, Baker responded it was social anxiety and depression, apparently unaware that his sign could cause both. Still seeing himself in the role of a saviour, Baker said “Soon there will be such a large amount of counselling needed that in a few years we won’t have the facilities to meet the needs of this crisis.” Being gay you see, is fashionable and can be counselled for - to bigots.

Baker said the money he put into the sign has been worth it, even if it comes down early due to safety fears. Sounding weather beaten, Baker said “It’s worth it if one person is saved and is born again”.

Local efforts to place up another sign, with a positive message for inclusion has a GoFundMe page.

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