Chatham-Kent geographic information system in top 25 nationally

Chatham-Kent ranks in the top 25 as one of the most mature Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programs across Canada’s public sector organizations, as announced in the July 2018 Public Sector Digest.

Municipal officials say Public Sector Digest launched Canada’s first ever Geospatial Maturity Index (GMI), designed to benchmark the maturity of an organization’s Geographic Information System (GIS) program. The GMI is a public sector benchmarking initiative to assist with GIS program development and capacity building across organizations. The GMI serves to audit existing GIS programs with real-time accurate and comprehensive data for public sector organizations to compare themselves against their peer groups and track their progress over time based on specific core competencies.

After months of research and consultation, the first Canadian Geospatial Matrix Index has been completed and according to the Public Sector Digest report released in July 2018, the report has found Chatham-Kent’s GIS (Geographic Information System) ranked as “tied for 23rd” in Canada.  The GMI assesses the GIS maturity and capacity within the public sector.  This index helps to measure the maturity of three specific categories:  Readiness, Implementation, and Impact.

“The report’s results demonstrate the efforts that staff have made to enhance our service delivery through cross-department collaboration, support decision making through the use of geospatial datasets, and improve departmental workflow and communications through the use of our integrated and distributed GIS environment,” states Helen McLaren, Director of Information Technology Services with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope said, “The Municipality of Chatham-Kent can use the results of this GMI to help enhance and expand plans looking to the future in order to continue to provide Chatham-Kent’s administration and its citizens with a competitive, efficient, high value Geographic Information System.”

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