Councillor Brock McGregor files for re-election


Brock McGregor has announced that he will seek re-election for Council, for Ward 6, Chatham. Seeing that Chatham has made some positive strides over the last four years with focus on smart, strategic infrastructure renewal while keeping tax increases under  inflation, McGregor believes that we must empower local initiatives to encourage long-term community viability.

“We need to work hard along with our community partners to tackle the challenges our municipality faces, while being mindful of affordability and long term strategic goals,” says McGregor.
A Naturopathic Doctor, McGregor believes that a healthy, active community that is welcoming to newcomers and promotes diversity and inclusivity has a great future. “I was proud to be part of the Municipal committee that helped Chatham-Kent earn its designation as Canada’s first ‘Welcoming Community’.”
As Councilor for Ward 6, McGregor also served on the Chatham-Kent Board of Health and is a major Council supporter of youth engagement, resident attraction and retention, and PRIDE initiatives.
Last year McGregor and his team at McGregor Naturopathic initiated an annual patient appreciation program to support Positivity Day and donated 300 trees to be planted at Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority.
McGregor and his wife, Whitney, have twin sons, Jon and Josh, and a daughter, Violet. Together, they enjoy all kinds or outdoor activity and fun at the local rink.
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