Guns, ammunition surrendered to police

Guns surrendered to police during the Gun Amnesty Program last month. Photo: CKPS.

Over 50 guns were voluntarily surrendered to police during the Gun Amnesty Program last month.

The Chatham-Kent Police Service, in partnership with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and other Municipal Police Services participated in a Gun Amnesty Program in April.

Police officials say the Gun Amnesty was designed for anyone in Ontario who wanted to voluntarily surrender unwanted or illegally-owned firearms, weapons, accessories or ammunition.

CKPS Firearms Officer Constable Rob Tobin says, “The Amnesty was a great way for citizens to safely surrender their weapons to enhance public safety.  Our goal was ultimately to reduce the number of guns on our streets and in our community.”

As a result of the Gun Amnesty Program here in Chatham-Kent, the following items were surrendered to police:

–       40 non restricted long guns (rifles/shotguns/pellet rifles)

–       five restricted handguns

–       two pellet pistols

–       four prohibited handguns

–       two knives

–       And 20kg of assorted ammunition

A second photo released by CKPS.

No weapon-related Criminal Code charges were laid in connection with the weapons turned in.

Police Chief Gary Conn adds, “We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Amnesty by voluntarily surrendering their weapons and ammunition.  By turning in your weapons for destruction, we can now ensure that they will never fall into the hands of those with criminal intent.”

The Chatham-Kent Police Service will continue to accept unwanted firearms, ammunition or other weapons for destruction.  To arrange for an officer to attend and safely retrieve your items, call 519-436-6653 or email

Under no circumstances should anyone deliver guns or ammunition directly to police headquarters.

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