Chatham-Kent police and the Adult Language and Learning Centre

Left to Right: Mona Tanios – Settlement Services Worker; PC Lynette Hodder – Community Mobilization CKPS; Magdiel Hoste – Settlement Services Coordinator;
Jing Wang – Settlement Services Worker. Photo: CKPS.

Chatham-Kent police celebrate their partnership with the Adult Language and Learning Centre.

The Adult Language and Learning  Centre is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to promoting and fostering personal growth and adjustment for all, including immigrants, in Chatham-Kent through further education, training, and opportunities that support independence and employment. CKPS and the Adult Learning Centre work together to educate new Canadians on Canadian laws, and personal safety.

“Creating a better programming for our clients requires partnerships and collaboration with community partners. Our partnership with the Chatham Kent Police Services has been crucial in the development of educational activities for our clients. The information fairs and presentations facilitated by the CKPS have been instrumental in educating newcomers about the role of the police in Canada, safety and the services the CKPS provides. Thank you CKPS!! ,” stated Magdiel Hoste, Settlement Coordinator.

For more information about the Adult Language and Learning Centre, visit

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