Apartment fire in Chatham

Apartment fire in Chatham. Photo: CKFES.

One person has been treated for smoke inhalation following an apartment fire in Chatham yesterday morning.

Fire crews from station 1 and 2 were called to 140 Park Ave East apartments Monday morning just after 10 a.m.

CKFES officials say firefighters discovered a fire on the 3rd floor and quickly extinguished the blaze preventing the fire from spreading to other units.

On person was treated by EMS at the scene for smoke inhalation.

“Reminder to anyone living in an apartment building to never ignore the fire alarm” explains Whitney Burk, Public Educator. “If there is a fire in your unit, get out and close the door behind you.”

The cause of the fire has been deemed accidental. Fire officials say the blaze was caused by an electrical problem.

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