Ridgetown house fire causes $150,000 in damages

House fire in Ridgetown. Photo released by CKFES.

Fire officials say a cigarette sparked a fire that caused $150,000 in damages to a Ridgetown home Thursday night.

A second photo released by CKFES.

Firefighters from Station #11 responded rapidly just after 8 p.m. to a house fire on Ebenezer St. Crews arrived on scene to find the back of the residences fulling engulfed in flames.  Firefighter’s quickly knocked down the fire and contained it from spreading. 

“The fire started from the improper disposal of a cigarette inside the home,” says Public Educator Whitney Burk. “Careless smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths in the home. Luckily yesterday, everyone got out safely.”

CKFES is reminding residents not to walk away from lit cigarettes and other smoking materials. Put water on the ashes and butts to make sure they completely out before you put them in the trash.

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