Rainbow crosswalk funding goal reached

Officials of Canadian Executive Search Group Incorporated presented a cheque for $2,000 to Chatham-Kent Councillor Brock McGregor Friday morning. The money will be used to paint a rainbow crosswalk at the corner of King and second Street in Chatham. Photo released by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

The public donation portion for installation of a rainbow crosswalk in Chatham-Kent was surpassed Friday morning thanks to a $2,000 donation by Canadian Executive Search Group Incorporated, announced municipal officials.

Company President Kyle Pinsonneault said his firm stepped forward because it believes in inclusion in the community.

At its November 20th meeting, Chatham-Kent Council approved the installation of a “Rainbow crosswalk” at the corner of King Street and Second Street in Chatham but mandated that no tax dollars be spent on the initiative.

The crosswalk will cost about $8,000, due to the specialized paint required for pavement markings. Provincial funding will cover $6,000 of the cost, leaving the municipality itself with a $2,000 share.

The crosswalk is designed to promote inclusion for the LGBT community in Chatham-Kent and will be located adjacent to the Chatham-Kent fire department main station.

Chatham-Kent officials say completion of the crosswalk is expected to take place by the middle of 2018.

Councillor Brock McGregor, who put forth the motion, said he was heartened by the public response, noting that (including the donation by Canadian Executive Search Group) nearly $2,500 has been raised. The additional money will be used for maintenance.

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