Karen Robinet’s family and friends try and defend the indefensible

A photo of Karen Robinet. Image: Robinet’s Facebook page

Both April Colby and Cade Robinet continued the trolling that Karen Robinet began by sending me messages that support an article that literally denied a quadriplegic man is quadriplegic and which misrepresented an article I wrote as a news article.

I sent April Colby a message saying she would be next in being named as a regular troll of this site if I heard any more negativity from her on this issue. Indeed she is the most regular of Postmedia employees or former Postmedia employees to do so. Karen Robinet did not appreciate her fan-girl being called out and posted some blather about my warning being threatening and harassing to an unrelated thread on my personal Facebook page. No Karen, it was a promise and this article fulfills that promise.

Both Colby and Karen Robinet had their opinions run in CKReview News and both try and claim CKReview News opinion pieces are what we consider news and both are dead wrong. Colby wrote an article, at my request, in agreement with Mayor Randy Hope’s position at the time that Chatham should cull crows. It was an opinion Colby shared with you, via CKReview News. But CKReview News runs afoul the moment we run our own opinions according to these two. I told Colby I would write how we ran her opinion and that was considered “threatening” and “harassment”, both criminal acts. The truth is a crime to Postmedia people.

Proving it runs in the family, Cade Robinet piped in his two cents, throwing around a pile of insults while saying nothing of substance. He was the sole person I heard from who didn’t like my takedown of Robinet and told me about it. When a family member takes things too far and say something or do something inappropriate, it isn’t character to defend them. It’s character to stand up to them and question what they did. Cade Robinet levelled a long list of insults at me instead, none of which were convincing and then proceeded to explain how he would have left his remarks on CKReview News itself except there was no-where to do so. Problem is, comments were open at the time on the website. Once he was laughed at about it, Robinet deleted his comment.

April Colby has trolled CKReview News repeatedly and has been repeatedly mistaken that we run opinion pieces as news. I wrote a story about a racist incident at a local car dealership, that clearly took the side of the victim and Colby said it was not news. She was able to detect that bias in what I wrote, amazingly on her own. Colby clearly supported the nonsense Robinet recently wrote and showed that support recently while Robinet was trolling me on my personal page. That would be two instances, of our top six most popular stories (out of 8750 stories) we have ever run, where Colby took offence at CKReview News while we ran her biased article. It’s mind numbing.

If exposing trolls is threatening and harassing in their mind, then I could not be more pleased. They should expand their vocabulary to words like “promise” instead of threat and “fair warning” instead of harassment and they’d stop looking so foolish. But I digress, these are Postmedia people and their families.

Standing up to these people warrants criminal accusations to Karen Robinet, probably because she isn’t used to having insulted someone who is able to defend themselves. She leans more to taking swipes at men in wheelchairs. A responsible news person knows the difference between an accusation and alleged crime vs saying someone has committed a crime, but that ethic apparently doesn’t apply to Robinet. Therein lies the comedy that is Postmedia.

Jeffery D. Allen also threatened me with libel action if I mentioned his name, so he gets a mention. This guy lied for years about being a former reporter at CKReview News on his Facebook page. He lied again when he claimed I said to him we don’t run opinion columns. Like Robinet and Colby, we also ran a bias column by Allen here. Allen tried to defend his claim he was a reporter for us by saying he had been hired at CKReview News. This is a lie. Allen interviewed for a position and was offered a job, but he never came in to sign his employment contract. He turned down the job offer after not showing up for training. That I had paid staff in the studio waiting for him never seems to have bothered Allen much. Without advance notice he simply did not show. He was never hired by CKReview News, although we wanted him at the time. He was also clean shaven then and asked if he intended to regrow his beard, to which he wasn’t sure but left that open as a possibility. No on-air anchor at CKReview News will be bearded and future hosts or co-hosts of the news will have that explicitly in their employment contract after my dealings with Allen.

CKReview News has always had a place for opinions and editorials and will so long as I operate it. If you dislike that, then unlike CKReview News. Simple enough.

Note: In my last article on this topic I asked readers to supply even one genuine news article by Karen Robinet. No-one did, not even her family and friends.

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