Chatham man in Orlando during hurricane Irma

Jack Biskey of Chatham, in Orlando. Image: Jack Biskey

Nerves are tense this hour for Chatham-Kent resident Jack Biskey as he toughs out Irma in Orlando, Florida. He is doing well and feels safe, as he is inside an apartment building made of concrete that can withstand a hurricane.

Biskey is a Merchandise Cast Member at Magic Kingdom. Biskey told CKReview News just before 10 p.m. that the wind was 90 mph and very loud outside his window. Power is still on. He has stocked up on water, non perishable foods and more to prepare for the storm.

Biskey is scheduled to return to Chatham on December 22. In a social media video, Biskey said he wants to give each of his friends a hug on his return.

Many tornadoes have been spotted near Orlando. The worst part of the storm is has just begun and is expected to intensify over night.

CKReview News will update this story as new information comes in.

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