Construction has begun on project to upgrade municipal water service in Highgate

New transmission watermain and reservoir are being installed in Highgate. Photo: Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

Construction has begun on a new $4.2 million project to upgrade municipal water service for residents of the community of Highgate.

Chatham-Kent officials say the project involves construction and installation of a transmission water main from Ridgetown to Highgate and a new underground water storage reservoir to be located at 39 Main Street West, Highgate.

East Kent Councillor David VanDamme said “rural Ontario needs clean, reliable water that is safe to drink and affordable to ensure prosperity.This is one of the best assurances needed to grow rural communities across our municipality. For the community of Highgate this is a positive step forward to ensure adequate supply and a financial gain for the municipality because of the cost share opportunities that have been granted”

Tim Sunderland General Manager of the Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission, said the community of Highgate currently receives its water supply from a groundwater well system which is experiencing water quality concerns and operational constraints.

“The Highgate system was designed and commissioned in late 2002 as a temporary measure to supply water until community growth and other factors dictated the implementation of a more permanent solution,” he said.

Photo: Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

In 2015, a Class Environmental Assessment was completed for the South Chatham-Kent water supply, which provided alternatives and preferred solution, with the Ridgetown to Highgate watermain and reservoir being the approved project scope. Public meetings had been held throughout the process to gain community input.

The 2016 federal budget established a Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) for immediate improvements to water and wastewater infrastructure. The federal government’s contribution is 50% of the eligible project costs, with the province contributing 25% and the remaining 25% to be met by CK PUC.

This project is one of 12 such projects throughout the municipality that fits the CWWF requirements. Of the $9.2 million in total project costs, the federal/provincial contribution is $6.9 million.

Dillon Consulting Limited is overseeing the project’s engineering.

Finnbilt General Contracting Ltd will be constructing a 320 mᵌ ground water storage tank and new booster pumping station at Highgate.

Clarke Construction Inc is installing the 9 km long 200 mm watermain from Ridgetown to Highgate.

Project completion date is anticipated to be spring 2018.

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