Ontario investing in research projects across the province

Reza Moridi, Minister of Research, Innovation and Science

Ontario is supporting researchers and innovators across the province while creating high-quality jobs.

The province’s Early Researcher Awards program will support 77 projects across 17 leading institutions. These awards will help sharpen Ontario’s competitive edge by fostering discoveries, including new technologies, treatments and cures for illnesses while supporting high quality, knowledge-based jobs for people across the province. It will also drive Ontario’s ability to attract and retain the best and brightest research talent.

“Ontario’s current and future prosperity and quality of life depend on how well we innovate, which is why our government partners with institutions across the province to support leading researchers. Through the Early Researcher Awards program, new researchers will be able to develop their teams and conduct world-class research that will draw investment, boost our economic strength and ensure Ontario remains at the forefront of the global knowledge-based economy,” said Reza Moridi, Minister of Research, Innovation and Science.

Ontario’s support will help research initiatives across the province, including:

  • Improving brain flow and function after cardiac arrest
  • Developing cost-effective ways to recover metals and reduce environmental impacts from mine wastes
  • Evaluating the impact of social media technology on mental health awareness

Quick facts

  • Ontario is investing more than $10 million to support 77 researchers through this round of the Early Researcher Awards. Institutions and the private sector will contribute an additional $3.85 million to support research work under the program.
  • Projects were evaluated through a rigorous peer review process involving Canadian academic and industry experts. The successful projects were chosen based on the researcher’s excellence, the quality of the research, development of research talent and strategic value to Ontario.


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