Local flooding possible as rain continues

A rainfall warning is still in effect for Chatham-Kent - Rondeau Park and Windsor - Leamington - Essex County as rain, at times heavy, continues.

The ground, already near saturation, has little ability to absorb further rainfall.

Environment Canada says additional 20-40 mm of rain is expected through Saturday morning.

Up to 2 a.m.: Windsor airport received 27.4 mm
Up to 4 a.m.: Sarnia airport has received 20.1 mm and Harrow received 35.7 mm

Weather officials say rain will continue today and Saturday morning as the weather system responsible stalls over the region. The rain is expected to taper to showers Saturday morning.

With the ground already saturated, there is the potential for local flooding.

If visibility is reduced while driving, turn on your lights and maintain a safe following distance. Avoid driving through water on roads. Even shallow, fast-moving water across a road can sweep a vehicle or a person away.

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