Crews reconstruct the Hwy 401 / Hwy 40 interchange

Municipal officials announced that reconstruction work has started at the Hwy 401 / Hwy 40 interchange (Interchange #90). Local traffic permitted up to the work zone at the overpass and interchange.

Work started on April 18th. All lanes will be closed at the interchange to all traffic until November 13th.

Drivers are advised to use the following detour route:
East: Hwy 40/ Communication Road – Longwoods Road (CK #2) – Kent Bridge Road (CK #15) – Ridge Line (CK #19) – Communication Road (CK #11)
West: Hwy 40/ Communication Road – Park Avenue (CK #19 – Chatham) – Bloomfield Road (CK #27) – Middle Line (CK #8) – Drury Line – Communication Road (CK #11)

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is reconstructing the interchange overpass structure and on/off ramps at Interchange #90.

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