Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit answers questions and provides support during pregnancy

Are you wondering what to expect with a new baby? Pregnancy can bring many different questions for new parents, and at times it is difficult knowing where to turn with so many sources of advice.

The Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit offers many options to answer questions and provide support to you during that special time before your baby is born.

The Building Healthy Babies program provides information to expectant mothers about pregnancy, nutrition and how to care for a new baby in a supportive group setting. The program is offered in several areas of Chatham-Kent and runs from a weekly to monthly basis, depending on the location. As an expectant mom you can drop-in during your pregnancy and continue attending for 6 months after baby is born. The program is supported by a Public Health Nurse and Registered Dietician.

You also may have questions about what’s to be expected with the labour and birth of your new baby. Prenatal classes are offered through the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit throughout the year in 6-week sessions to answer all your questions. The classes are available in the evenings in Chatham and are also available twice a year in Wallaceburg. Couples are encouraged to attend together, along with any other important support person that will be present for the baby’s birth. Topics range from birth, comfort measures, healthy eating, safety and healthy brain development for your child. Class 5 of each session is taught by a Lactation Consultant and specifically discusses breastfeeding your baby. If attending classes doesn’t fit within your lifestyle, the health unit offers an online program for prenatal classes as well.

If you are not sure what program would suit your needs or if you simply have a question, you can speak to a Public Health Nurse on the Infant and Child Health Intake line. We support parents that are expecting or who have children 0 to 6 years of age. The contact information is 519.352.7270 extension 4.

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