Hundreds of interim tax bills returned by Canada Post due to address issues

Amanda Bossy, accounts receivable supervisor with Chatham-Kent, shows some of the hundreds of interim tax bills that have been returned by Canada Post due to address issues. Photo: Municipality of Chatham-Kent
Hundreds of property owners have had their bills returned to the municipality for problems with the mailing address, said municipal officials.

Amanda Bossy, Chatham-Kent supervisor of accounts receivable, said Canada Post is no longer delivering bills based on Rural Route numbers or those which list General Delivery as an option.

“With the March 1 due date on its way, we would like anyone who hasn’t received a tax bill to contact the municipality at 519-360-1998 and we will look into the matter right away,” Bossy said.

Municipal officials reminded the public that failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt a property owner from the requirement from paying taxes.

If your tax bill still references a General Delivery or Rural Route number contact the municipality to ensure the required address updates can be made to allow for future delivery of tax bills.

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