House on Sandys Street damaged in storm

Sandy Street tree
A tree on Sandys Street fell into the roof of a home during a storm on December 28, 2015. Photo: CKReview News
Sandy Street tree 2
Roof of a Sandys Street home sits damaged after a storm on December 28, 2015. Photo: CKReview News

A house in Chatham was seriously damaged by the storm tonight. No injuries have been reported. A large tree was brought down by the wind and damaged the roof of the house. Police and Fire officials were at the scene.

Ty Arnold told CKReview News about the damage, “As we were driving, I noticed the top and middle part of the tree were completely covering the front end of the house. As we drove on, we could see the bottom half of the tree was cracked in two. The roof is damaged badly and the sides of the house as well. I really hope no-one got hurt.”

Update: Daytime photos added to story.



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