French flag blunder in front of civic centre

Flags at half-mast civic centreAfter the tragic events that unfolded in Paris on Friday, many cities around the world have held vigils, lit landmark buildings with the French tri-colour or have raised the French flag. The municipality no differently, has also hoisted the flag to show respect.

However due to either lack of knowledge on international flag raising or disregard for customs of the practice, the French flag has been risen underneath the municipal flag. This in effect is saying the municipality is above France. The flag, due to being at half-mast, should be flown on a pole of its own. In normal circumstances it should be flown underneath the Canadian national flag.

Although the flag will most likely be taken down in a few days, it is an important lesson for the staff of the civic centre to learn for future events or unfortunate events that constitute a flag raising for another country.

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One Response to "French flag blunder in front of civic centre"

  1. Don Shropshire   November 18, 2015 at 7:24 am

    Thank you for bringing the issue to my attention. We will confirm the flag protocol and make amusements as required.

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