Chatham-Kent police introducing online crime reporting

At the police services board meeting on Wednesday a new 21st century tool was introduced into the police armoury. No it isn’t new hardware but software to streamline interactions with the municipal police services.

Through the use of this program, citizens will be able to report minor crimes from the comfort of their own homes or on their mobile device. Citizens will no longer need to wait for officers, who may be on higher priority calls. The program also allows for people to upload pictures of, for example, a broken car window.

Chief of police Gary Conn said “at the end of the day it is all about customer service”, in regard to the new system.

With the new system, demand for frontline police work will be lowered and give police the ability to interact with the community more effectively. We won’t know how well the system works in this endeavour for a year when the efficiency report will be released.

The system is also useful for people who need a report record to claim stolen items of broken windows with their insurance company allowing for ease of access and avoiding a trip to the police station.

This new system is supplied by a private company called Coplogic Inc and it will cost $49,704 in the first year and $23,000 flat for the next five years.

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