Van Kesteren signs allegedly vandalized

Photo: Dave Van Kesteren's re-election Facebook page.
Photo: Dave Van Kesteren’s re-election Facebook page.

The Dave Van Kesteren campaign is alleging vandalism to their election signs. It is the 2nd allegation in the past couple of days by candidates that their signs are being removed and vandalized. Katie Omstead’s campaign made the same claim.

There have been no charges laid in either instance, however if true then these classless acts of vandalism only shows how some people don’t like democracy itself. It is not just a criminal act, but one that strikes at the very heart of our society.

Van Kesteren’s office number is 226-996-1672 to get your replacement sign and Katie Omstead’s office number is 519-480-0320. Call the police if you have any information that can lead to the arrest of those involved.

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