Gracie Mae supporters should set sail for round two

By: Chris Glassford
Chatham band Gracie Mae has made it to the second round of the prestigious Searchlight Competition, a step closer to a dream come true. The band made the cut from 300 Southwestern Ontario bands down to 25, and are in the top 545 across Canada.

This Monday April 20th, the journey will end for some as the 545 remaining bands will be cut down to 150 and Gracie Mae hopes to remain in the top of the standings for this region.

Ryan Caron, drummer of the band remains hopeful and urges fans to continue voting and rallying support for their venture to Searchlight fame.

Aaron Barry, vocalist of the band also stated he hopes that the support continues from Windsor, Chatham, London and all over Canada.

You can vote online by clicking here: Gracie Mae Voting

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One Response to "Gracie Mae supporters should set sail for round two"

  1. Ryan Caron   April 16, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    Love the support CK! Thank you!