Police ask motorists to slow-down in town

Spring is here, the weather is warming up and you may find yourself cruising down the streets of Chatham-Kent with your

Sign can be seen when driving North on Vanier Dr.

windows down to feel the breeze rush through your hair, adrenaline pumping you give the car that extra gas and now you are breaking the law.

Police are urging you to follow the posted signs and the speed limit for the safety of children, pedestrians and other motorists. In the past three years there have been many speed related accidents in Chatham-Kent. One of the most notable happened on Michener road where a car flipped injuring the teenage passengers.

Just yesterday, the CKReview News ran a story about a car being side swiped on Vanier Drive, an area that is in a posted 40km/h “strictly enforced”.

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