Local band may get their big break through Searchlight

Gracie Mae; a local band, is seeking community support in their newest venture to win CBC’s Searchlight competition. Aaron Barry and Tanner Havens formerly of Anu Beginning, an award-winning post-hardcore band from London Ontario, along with Ryan Caron an avid sound technician, took on a project that would challenge them to think differently about their musical direction.

The project started off with a conceptual piece of music called “Harbour and Ship” and lead to “Harbour and Ship II: Storms and Stars” which was concluded by “Riverdale”. This three-part project encompassed 9 songs. The vivid musical movements and lyrics take you along for the journey on the Riverdale ship through high seas and storms which lead to the sinking of the vessel. Aaron Barry began writing the project with very few preconceived notions of where the story should go, but quickly realized the songs started to shape into a metaphor for his own personal life.

While challenging, Aaron also noted that the project was very fulfilling. The band is currently participating in the Searchlight competition, where winners will be awarded a $20,000 credit toward music equipment from Yamaha Music Canada Ltd. as well as a trip to Toronto with hotel accommodations. Winners also receive a high-profile opening act on a show of CBC’s choice which will be recorded for future use. The approximate monetary prize value is $36,500 and the experience is virtually priceless.

Gracie Mae is asking for the community’s support to help get them the votes needed to take the next steps in the Searchlight contest. Votes can be made daily for Gracie Mae by clicking this link. Contestants are eliminated in tiers until one winner is left in the Searchlight.

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