Chatham local leads stellar cast in Rocky Horror Show

It’s astounding, time is fleeting and madness takes it’s toll! 

“Don’t dream it; be it”, a message sung by Doctor Frank N. Furter at the climax of Richard O’Brian’s classic cult musical The Rocky Horror Show. It’s a message that hits home for Justan Myers, the St. Clair College Performing Arts student starring in the legendary role when the show takes the stage at Chatham’s Capitol Theatre this April.

Born and raised in Chatham, Myers is currently completing his second year in the elite Music Theatre Performance Program at St. Clair College. The only one of its kind in Canada, St. Clair’s Performing Arts Program offers a unique chance for aspiring professionals in theatrical performance and production to work side-by-side in the creation of professional-level shows. Each Spring, students in the Music Theatre Performance and Entertainment Technology Programs mount two full-scale musicals, putting to good use St. Clair College’s state-of-the-art venues, the Chrysler Theatre in Windsor and the Capitol Theatre in Chatham. These productions are the highlight and conclusion of a rigorous year of study and practice, something students and audiences alike look forward to each season.

For Justan Myers, the addition of playing one of his dream roles in his hometown makes this year particularly noteworthy. “I’ve been involved with this show for a long time,” he says. “I’m a huge Tim Curry fan, and I love his iconic portrayal in the film. Working with the cast and creative team, and actually getting to perform the part, has been a totally new experience, and I’ve gained a new perspective into this character and this amazing show.” He is thrilled and excited to lead the charge in bringing Rocky Horror to his hometown. Myers is no stranger to the Capitol stage: he has been involved in high school performances at the historic theatre, and is a staff member at a Music Theatre camp for local children each summer based out of the theatre. Performing such an iconic role on home territory has its perks. “There will definitely be a lot of friends and family there,” he shares, adding that Chatham’s music theatre fans can expect big things from St. Clair’s adaptation. “It’s a really high-energy, high-intensity production. The choreography is outstanding; really youthful and edgy.”

Directed and Choreographed by Melissa Williams, of So You Think You Can Dance Canada fame, the production showcases the youth and vitality of St. Clair’s talented performers in a madcap package that is sure to intrigue and excite audiences. Williams previously helmed St. Clair’s production of A Chorus Line in its successful 2013 run at the Capitol Theatre, which marked the Performing Arts Department’s Chatham premiere. Reuniting with a spectacular creative team including Musical Director Mike Karloff, Set Designer Robert Ivey, Lighting Designer Gareth Crew and costume designer Agatha Knelsen, Williams does an outstanding job of bringing this show into the modern age while paying perfect homage to the stylistic quirks of the era, the script and the story.

Rocky Horror’s racy, outlandish plot has been delighting audiences of both stage and screen shows since its 1973 premiere, and this show will be no exception. As part of the experience of attending a true “Participation musical”, audience members are urged to get involved through the use of traditional shout-outs and props. Whether you’re a die-hard fan and looking to join in, or just want to sit back and enjoy the show, the St. Clair College Performing Arts Department’s production of The Rocky Horror Show is sure to entertain and excite!

Tickets for the The Rocky Horror Show at the St. Clair College Capitol Theatre are on sale now! Visit to learn more and purchase tickets.

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