Top 3 Google trending topics this week

By Chris Glassford

The ever popular internet search engine Google has provided users with information on many topics. Out of great curiosity with many high-profile stories occurring this week, I took the liberty of searching the Google Trends.

With much surprise this weeks highest trending topic with over 500,000 hits was Monday’s search for Emma Noether who revolutionized mathematics and never received much credit for her accomplishments because she was a woman under extreme sexist conditions.

The not so shocking runner-up happened to be on Wednesday with Zayn Malik a former band member of One Direction with over 200,000 hits. Zayn left the band for personal reasons.

The third trending topic and most likely topic to reach the top of the trends next week is Andreas Lubitz the Germanwings co-pilot responsible for the plane crash in the French Alps. Along with this trend, many users have searched Plane Crash (over 20,000 hits) , German Plane Crash (over 20,000 hits) and Germanwings (over 50,000 hits).

Other notable topics were Big Brother Canada with over 50,000 hits on Sunday March 22nd, Pretty Little Liars with over 20,000 hits on Tuesday as their season finale aired and the Canada Revenue Agency with over 10,000 hits Thursday.

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