Ontario man charged after 3 ‘barely dressed’ children under 3 found wandering outside

The Canadian Press

OSHAWA, Ont. - An Oshawa, Ont., man has been charged after three “barely dressed” children, all under three years old, were found wandering around outside a home.

Police say officers responded after receiving calls about two young children, aged one and two years old, who were roaming outside Sunday morning.

Police say one child was walking on the street with the second in the driveway and the third just leaving the house.

They say the children had little clothing — one wearing just a diaper — and a man was found asleep inside the house, which police say was in “complete squalor.’

A 23-year-old Oshawa man, whose name has not been released to protect the identity of the children, was arrested and has been charged with three counts of not providing the necessaries of life.

The children are now with Children’s Aid Society.

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