Municipality secures North Kent Energy deal

Municipality of Chatham-Kent’s Chief Legal Officer John Norton, Entegrus President and CEO Jim Hogan, Mayor Randy Hope, Samsung Vice President of Project Development Jeongtack Lee, Pattern Energy Vice President of Business Development Colin Edwards, North Kent Councillor Leon Leclair, North Kent Councillor Joe Faas, and the municipality’s Chief Administrative Officer Don Shropshire.

More wind turbines are set to launch in Chatham-Kent as a new plan has been approved by council. Samsung Renewable Energy and Pattern Energy officials met with council Monday evening and signed an agreement to start phases of the North-Kent wind project which will extend the services of their wind turbines across Chatham-Kent. Tuesday morning a signing ceremony took place at 9 a.m. in the council chambers of the Civic Centre on King St.

Phase 1 will provide between 40 and 50 wind turbines on private land to the Dover and Chatham Township areas with additional consultation of local businesses, residents and First Nations.

Phase 2 will provide between 20 and 30 wind turbines on private land to the Dover and Chatham Township areas however this phase hinges on the consent of a contract to be awarded by the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator.

Mayor Hope remains optimistic about the future of Chatham-Kent working with Samsung and Pattern Energy.

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