Man suffers moderate burns in Wallaceburg fire

One man was sent to hospital with moderate burns after a house fire in Wallaceburg last night.

Firefighters from Wallaceburg and Station #2 in Chatham fought the blaze for several hours at 119 Duke Street. Assistant Fire Chief Ric Scharf said the cause of the fire was a cooking accident.

The owner of house was the only person in the home at the time and was taken to C-K Health Alliance Sydenham Campus.

The Chatham-Kent Fire Department is advising residents to have a smoke alarm on every floor, including outside all sleeping areas and to practice an escape plan that includes two ways out of every room.

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One Response to "Man suffers moderate burns in Wallaceburg fire"

  1. flashover666   March 27, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    Once again CKFS proves how greedy they are. A fire in Wallaceburg that requires assistance so they call in a station from Chatham. Who cares about saving people and property? How long before insurance companies catch on to their scam? Bypass all the nearest stations just so we can say how we need a full time fire service. How much less damage and injuries would have occurred if they would have called the closest station? If that were my property I would definitely be getting lawyers involved and suing the Municipality of CK, council, fire management/administration and hold them accountable for what they have let happen. They are paid to protect lives and property and are clearly not doing what they are paid to do. By calling a Chatham station to asist with a fire in Wallaceburg shows complete disregard and incompetence towards the people and property they are paid to protect. Insurance companies should also investigate this departments procedures for neglect and indifference as this is common practice for Ck fire. As long as we use our full timers we can let it burn to the ground.We pay this department sunshine wages for protection, but all they protect is full time fire fighters and unions.