Flood warning in effect

Flood warnings are in effect for the Chatham-Kent region as warmer weather approaches. Accumulated ice and snow across local watershed is causing unpredictable results, with some water levels rising past their embankments, while others remain fairly low. McGregor Creek rose rapidly yesterday, prompting the Conservation Authority to operate the Indian-McGregor Creek Diversion Channel.

It is no longer safe to access the Thames River or any body of water for recreational activities as the ice is melting and pulling away from the banks and there seems to be stretches of ice that are opening up. There is no expected flooding from the Thames River, however the river is under supervision. People are urged to take extreme caution and to avoid rivers, lakes, ditches, streams and ponds as temperatures over the next few days are forecast to be around 10˚C and will not drop back below freezing overnight. Parents are also urged to keep their children away from the water during the March Break.

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