3rd Annual Breaking Barriers Art Exhibition

The Prosperity Roundtable is running their third annual Breaking Barriers Art Exhibition this Friday, March 20th at the Thames Art Gallery starting at 7 p.m.

The exhibition features artworks created over the course of the last few months by new artists who took part in free classes offered by the Thames Art Gallery, as well as other local artists who did not participate in the programs.

Breaking Barriers was created to build an understanding of lived experiences. The exhibition facilitates creative expression that empowers, builds awareness and facilitates partnerships and collaborations within our community.

“The project is based around the theme of oppression and barriers, as well as the coping of such obstructions” says Kate do Forno, project coordinator of the Prosperity Roundtable. ” We face challenges everyday, and the goal is to find creative outlets to deal with these challenges”.

Breaking Barriers exhibition is free to the community, and all citizens are welcome to attend the exhibition.

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