Safety bulletin issued on local flooding

Lower Thames Conservation AuthorityOver the last week the region has experienced unseasonably cold temperatures and snow accumulation. Most of the region’s watercourses have begun to freeze over. Current weather forecasts are predicting temperatures to rise above the freezing point this weekend and into next week, with double-digit temperatures predicted for Monday. Between Saturday and Tuesday, the region is also predicted to receive between 15 and 40 mm of rainfall (depending on the source of the forecast and the region of the watershed).

These conditions will melt most of the snowpack that has accumulated. Localized flooding may occur as a result of rainfall, snowmelt and preceding frozen conditions. The Thames River is expected to rise late in the weekend and into next week. No significant flooding is expected.

People and their animals should take extra caution and avoid the river, ditches, and streams. A combination of slippery banks and fast-moving cold water is particularly dangerous. Parents should pay special attention to keep their children away from the water.

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority will continue to monitor conditions and will issue additional messages as required.

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