Police warn citizens about telephone scam

s police 8Police have issued a reminder to citizens to be vigilant after a Chatham woman contacted police to report a fraud yesterday. The 75-year old woman received a telephone call from a man claiming to be a lawyer. He told the woman her grandson was in jail in Quebec as a result of a motor vehicle collision. He asked for $1400 to bail her grandson out of jail.

The woman went to Western Union and wired $1474.50 to the man in Quebec. Shortly after the transfer the woman received another call from the man stating that he also required $1200 to cover the damages of the motor vehicle collision. She became suspicious and called the police.

The Chatham-Kent police say citizens should refrain from panicking if they receive a phone call from a family member or lawyer asking for a large sum of money due to an unforeseen circumstance. Police suggest you contact other family members to confirm the story.

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