Five college students arrested in Ridgetown

s police 5The Chatham-Kent police have arrested five college students following a noise complaint in Ridgetown.

Since September police have repeatedly gone to this residence and the homeowners have been issued several warnings.

On October 23, at 10:30 p.m. police responded to a report of a house party on Head Street. Police saw a large gathering of students inside the house, outside in the yard and on the roadway next to the residence. The only homeowner police could locate at the time was arrested and charged with mischief by interfering with their neighbours in the lawful use or enjoyment of their property.

Earlier this month police arrested and charged the remaining four homeowners with the same offence.

John McDonnell, 19, Jeb Brand, 19, Mackenzie Beuermann, 19, Ryan VanMiltenburg, 19, and Brendan Wagler, 20, were all released with a court date of November 19.