Drinking and driving with no insurance leads to two people being charged

OPP(CHATHAM-KENT, ON)  On Sunday November 23, just before 4:30 a.m., a Chatham-Kent Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer stopped a Honda Civic on Bloomfield Road at highway 401 eastbound for a traffic violation.

While the officer was speaking with the driver, 25-year-old Richard O’Hagan, from Blenheim, it was determined that he had consumed alcohol. The OPP also realized he was driving with an uninsured vehicle that had plates attached that were not authorized for the vehicle.

Subsequent tests indicated that the driver was over the legal limit and he will appear in a Chatham court on December 19 charged with drinking and driving and a traffic offense.

The passenger, 30-year-old Evelyn Bryant, from Blenheim, was charged with allowing the vehicle to be operated without insurance and using an unauthorized licence plate.

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