Man missing since 1977 and declared dead in 1986 is found alive

OPP 3A man from Middlesex County reported missing since 1977 has been found alive and he is residing in the United States.

On September 29, 2021 Middlesex County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) with the assistance of the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office conducted an investigation into an early morning barn fire in the former Township of East Williams, Middlesex County. A man was reported missing immediately after the fire. In 1986, almost nine years after his disappearance, the missing man was declared dead by the courts.

In July 2014, the investigation into the disappearance of 32-year-old Ronald Stan was reopened by Middlesex County OPP Crime Unit as a result of a routine audit of the case. Through the investigation, it was discovered that the male party was in fact alive and residing in the United States under an assumed identity of Jeff Walton age 69.

The affected families and American authorities have been notified of the results of the investigation. The investigation into the disappearance of the missing male is now closed.

  • John Descoteaux

    Where is the rest of the story? Did he leave wife and children here? Was there a Memorial Service? Is he a bigamist? What happened to the real “Jeff Walton”? Was there a life insurance payout? Is he under arrest for illegal immigration? Are there Warrants out for him? Is someone getting Government benefits from his first death?